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Now that Joanna left “Fixer Upper” She has time to undertake a new project. Actually, rumors have it her new job is really a spin-off of “Fixer Upper”. Joanna has several fans because starring on the hit series, and many that are after her to figure out what she is going to do next. According to that which Joanna reported about Facebook these rumors are actually true!

Joanna Gaines from hit show “Fixer Upper”

Joanna looks extremely enthusiastic over her choice and believes that her supporters will be extremely happy with her new series. I will have the ability to compose, create and handle my own television series that has ever been a fantasy of mine” Joanna not just believes her new series is going to be a victory, but she believes it’s a fantastic business move for her private brand. You notice, for Joanna it had been about control. Her own display provides chance for her husband to get creative control over everything they’re going to the near future. From today on Joanna and her husband intend on function as producers, authors, as well as the celebrities of the series!

Chip and Joanna Gaines

The chance for Chip and Joanna to be out on their own was the primary reason behind the couple’s decision to part from “Fixer Upper”. Sadly, the move to the new show and the couple’s independence includes a price. There’s just 1 part of the new arrangement the couple is finding difficult. For Joanna and Chip the price tag is leaving the home they love in Waco, Texas. The couple couldn’t disclose the location where they intend on relocating and filming their new show. That has fans every excited and looking forward to what’s to come for the celebrity couple.

“I know millions of Americans want to understand how we are doing this so successful so that I wish to show America how simple it is. In case you’ve got a plan that works, it’s quite simple to accomplish and we will provide you with a plan is effective. I’ll also be posting on our blog example contracts, systems and processes that we go through while looking for these ‘Fixer Upper’ properties.”

The new series is believed to resemble “Fixer Upper” in some ways, but they’re aspiring to show more behind the scenes views for fans. They also wish to give fans a more up close and personal view of the whole procedure. How properties are found, how deals are negotiated, and how contracts are complete. They would like to take their fans through the whole remodeling process and they’re hoping it’ll result in a show that is like “Fixer Upper”, but better than ever!