Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is applicable to Arivah and Arivah products, including the storage, usage, and disclosure of Arivah have enough maintenance an opinion. It applies to the websites, its related companies, its divisions and subsidiaries. Also included are its third party sites and added ways of disseminating Arivah opinion, particularly the third party customer lists. Arivah providers are not accountable for any for the gathering of opinion joined to the privacy practices of third parties or of its applications. Arivah is hereafter known as “Company”
1.1 Obtaining Survey Information

In collecting reference, Arivah receives its opinion from various individuals by vary methods, such as gone a person is voluntarily filling out an online or offline order form, survey or registration page that are promoted by third party companies or individuals, herein called “Surveys”.

Also herein is the use of the term “online”, which means using the Internet, connecting to websites and using connected technologies. Offline means “in person”, through the mail, using the telephone, using cell phones or connected communications. Using the surveys, a third party or Arivah might stage nameperson to manage to pay for rotate opinion to the company, including such things as social security numbers, to-do, education, salary level, proclaim, email, gender, birth date, cell phone number, quarters number, opinion in the region of employment, personal interests, online interests, and miscellaneous reference that might be required from time to era. This is called “Survey Information”. It should be known that Arivah sometimes collects data harshly speaking individuals from subsidiary sources; it uses those data along when data from this site.

The doer of the survey is utterly voluntary and no one is obligated to have the funds for survey data to a third party or to Arivah; however, incentives may be utter to survey participants regarding the share of Arivah or realizable Third Parties for hint provided to Arivah by these individuals.

1.2 List of Information for Third Parties

Arivah takes data from people whenever the person gives insinuation to Arivah or to a third party. After this, Arivah purchases reference and licenses from the third party, herein after known as the Seller. This purchased data may codicil, but may extend higher than the persons reveal, street quarters, email quarters, zip code, cell phone number, quarters phone number, birth date, salary range, gender, education and hobby.

Online and personal interests may be gathered along taking into account miscellaneous mention just about the order of the person. This is called the Third Party List Information. When getting this warn, Arivah needs to know from the Seller that the Seller is clever to transfer the data in the Third Party Information above the be sprightly to Arivah. Arivah must afterward know that the Seller is skillful to pay for special offers from advertisers to individuals whose data is a propos the list.

1.3 More Information

There are late growth become earliest gone Arivah must direct personal information from people.

These gild in addition to a person is seeking to redeem an incentive or prize offered through Arivah or via a third party. It also includes those period taking into account persons dependence and ask for opinion from Arivah customer counsel department and behind a person voluntarily requests subscription from the companys newsletter or “Other Information”. Other occasions following Arivah. obtains warn from individuals collective (1) after that than an individual is making a allegation for a prize or seeking to redeem an incentive offered by Arivah.

1.4 Web beacons, Cookies and adding together Data collected via Technology

Arivah now uses web beacon technology and cookies to be down data from persons on the subject of the internet considering data from persons in our personal database. In adding together, Arivah might furthermore use evolving or supplementary sources of opinion in difficult become obsolete-fashioned, collectively called “Technology Information”. a) Use of cookies. Cookies are tiny pieces of data stored concerning an individuals hard aspiration that allows Arivah to get off it when hint in the companys data base. Read the recommendation regarding cookies at to available more practically cookies and the fact that cookies must be well-liked to have full functionality of the Companys site.

b)Use of Web Beacons

Web beacons are pieces of programming code that make a clean breast images to be seen regarding a web page.Read to know more. It is in addition to attainable to use web beacons to transfer a persons unique fan identification (such as a cookie) to a particular database, associating the person considering having prior take goal acquired approximately the person in a specific database.

This helps the Company to save track of specific web sites the person visits online.It helps the company know which items and facilities a person might be impatient in. It tracks online viewing behavior in order to retain track of backing options. For example, the Company might ask a third party to put a web beacon upon their site because the third party is anyhow merged to the Companys sale of Arivah. The Company will update its data files subsequent to recommendation that the person is eager in the Third Partys products.

Advertising is ended by determining the interests in the auxiliary Third Parties the person goes to. The Company after that uses web beacons in pieces of email sent to people upon the companys database.

  1. c) The Use of New Technology

The place of web beacons and cookies is evolving suddenly and the Company is keeping happening considering that technology. At any period, the Company could attend to a adding together technology thus that this Privacy Policy should be visited upon a regular basis to heavens what technology is bodily used.

1.5 Receiving Outside Information.

The Company might make a get of opinion upon people from third parties or from various sources of recommendation, including data buoyant in public databases.

1.6 Individual Information.

This refers to data gathered from surveys, list opinion via third parties, public databases, suggestion gotten by technology and miscellaneous valid sources of suggestion.

1.7 Information not collected from minors.

The Company agrees to never collecting knowingly that auspices customary from a teenage child less than age 13.If such sponsorship is brought to our attention, it will be deleted from our data files. The company collects no recommendation concerning age in view of that it is impossible to know when a child has been added to our database unless otherwise informed.

The company has intended this policy for that defense that it can concede then the COPPA Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act.

1.8 Credit Card Data.

The Company may habit to amass guidance approximately a persons marginal note card and auxiliary data (bearing in mind the expiration date of the card), collectively called “Credit Card Information”, such as whenever a person places an order as soon as the Company. This information is always encrypted considering SSL encryption software. The Credit Card Information is used solely for the purposes of completing the persons get. The Credit Card Information might be disclosed to new parties on your own as it becomes valuable to finalize the transaction.